Open field farming is the traditional method of farming which has been successfully practised for ages. There is minimum requirement of automation when we opt for open field farming. Open field farming is all about adopting old technique’s which are successfully tried and tested. Farmers who practice open field farming never want to spend too much on farm equipments or automation. Open field farmers don’t opt for new technology but prefer to stay with the old technique’s. Open field farmers want to go with minimum input and maximum output theory.

 The enclosure laws restricted the use of these fields, allowing the construction of fences or hedgerows that prevented communal grazing.

This practice began during the creation of large eststes by the lords of manors.

Eventually, enclosure led to more efficient and profitable farmingt, free of the regulations taht governed the open- field system.

Open-field Farming

Advantages of Old techniques

* Save money to operate
* Reduce air pollution (99% less)
* Reduce dependence on imported oil
* Solar plants last as long as nuclear coal ( 30 to 40 years )
* New plants have low use backup and storage devices available
* Greatly reduce CO2 emission

Disadvantages of Old techniques

* Making solar cells produces toxic chemicals
* Old solar cell plants take up large land area
* Can damage fragile desert ecosystems
* Need backup systems at night and during cloudy / rainy days
* Solar plants costly to build

Open-field Farming
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