Organic farming is a way of producing fresh food without the use of agriculture grade fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics etc. If someone says that he has a organic farm then it means that he has used fertilizers which have a organic source eg. Bone meal, green manure compost manure etc. In organic farming naturally occurring pesticides such as neem oil, pyrethrin, roteone are allowed and these can be used if there is a pest attach in open field farms.

organic farming

Techniques in Organic Framing

* The farmer would use a range of Organic methods at the same time to allow them to work together for the maximum benefit.
* These techniques aiming at :
> Maintain and build good soil structure and fertility
> Control pests, diseases and weeds
> careful use of water resources
> Good animal husbandry

Organic Farming

Aims of Organic Farming

* To maintain the long term fertility of the soil.
* To reduce the input cost.
* To effectively utilize the natural resources.
* To avoid all forms of pollution caused by agricultural techniques.
* To provide a quality foodstuff.

Organic Farming
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