Vertical farming is a process of growing plants in a stacked atmosphere where plants are kept vertical layers. Vertical farming is done in places where there is shortage of space or when we want to grow plants in a controlled environment. The cost of setting up a vertical farm is always high then as compared to conventional farms but we can expect better yield if we opt for vertical farming. Vertical farms are best for cultivating lettuce, basil strawberries etc. Very less labour work is required in vertical farming as everything is on automation so that we can get maximum yield. Since vertical farming is done in protected environment, chances of producing pesticide free stuff is very high.

* Production of crops year round
* Use of unused space or barren land
* No weather related barriers
* Sustainable agriculture concept for urban areas creating urban employment
* Helps in restoring ecosystem and returns farmland to mother nature
* Reduction in use of machines and energy
* Generates methane adding energy back

vertical farming

Eliminating Problems with Design

* Designing for space and materials use efficiency
* Reconfiguration and upgrades

vertical farming
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